What Your Pet Really Wants for Valentine's Day

What Your Pet Really Wants for Valentine's Day Feature Image

Written by Printicular’s spokescat Daisy on behalf of the neighborhood pets 

Hey everyone, I’ve called this emergency meeting to discuss something very important. Valentine’s Day is coming up again. I know, I know. Calm down. It’ll be okay because I have a plan to get through this one. We simply tell the humans what we want. Yes, it really is that simple. I promise you there will be no more Cupid costumes and dental treats. This year we take over. Alright, who wants to speak up first? 


Bella, Tabby Cat  

What I’d really like this Valentine’s Day is a nice massage. My human pets me all the time but just as it’s getting to the good spot they stop. I’d like some dedicated ‘me time’ where I get some well-deserved pampering. A nice head or full body massage should do the trick. Then, if they could just let me sleep for the rest of the day that’ll be great.  


Max, Jack Russell  

The best gift I could get for Valentine’s Day is a special getaway with my human. We could go to the beach, the park, anywhere really. I’m not too fussed, as long as I get to run around and show off my best friend to the public and capture the memory with lots of photos.  


Luna, Golden Retriever  

I was surfing the Internet and discovered all these tasty dog treats you can bake yourself. I keep trying to throw hints to my human, but she just won’t get it. We can bake them together and make special ones in the shapes of hearts. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day?  



Rocky, Black Cat  

A game night would be wonderful this Valentine’s Day. My humans just shove all my toys in a basket and expect me to play with them on my own. My favorite toy is the most glorious piece of string, but it’s not much fun when it just sits there and doesn’t move. I love being challenged and stimulated and given all attention possible.  


Olly, Maltese Dog  

This Valentine’s Day I’d love to curl up beside my human and watch some movies. My favourites are the ones with other dogs in them but I don’t mind the rom-coms they like. I just like looking at all the pictures and snuggling up close.  

These are all great ideas, but I feel like one is missing. How about a printed photo of our faces hung up around the house for us to stare at all day? Okay, quiet down. Maybe if we let our humans know that Printicular has an easy mobile app that lets you print photos right from your phone or Instagram then they can pop down and pick up several copies within an hour of ordering. I agree, this is going to be the best Valentine’s Day ever.



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