What to Do with All Your Pet Photos

What to Do with All Your Pet Photos Feature Image

Written by Printicular's spokescat Daisy

If there’s one thing humans love, it’s taking a few dozen snaps of us pets. Whether we’re sleeping (privacy, please?), frowning in yet another awful costume they’ve squeezed us into, or just being our cute and charming selves; they’re here to capture it all. 

But what do they actually do with all those pictures? We never get to check to make sure we look good or even see what we looked like in that awful costume. It seems our humans are just taking these photos and storing them away for their own personal collection which seems rather unfair. So, I decided to suggest some ways I’d like to see those photos of us used instead. 

Turn us into a masterpiece

Capture your pets natural beauty with a custom pet portrait from Etsy. There are so many different artists and mediums to choose from, stemming from watercolor pieces to royal renaissance paintings. I personally think the renaissance paintings are quite fitting but whatever medium you choose will be fine. A few of my favorite accounts are NovosadArtStudio, HommeSurLaLune and LeFloreStudio.


Send us with your correspondence 

It seems humans get a lot of mail, but they don’t like receiving it. I think if letters were sent with our faces on them then humans would be a lot happier checking the mailbox. PhotoStamps allows you to create your own personalized stamps that are eligible to be sent all around the United States, and you can order them in bulk! We can even lend a paw signature for an added personal touch.


Tell our story with collage


If our humans have so many photos, why not just display them all? A nice collage of us growing up, or us doing different activities throughout the day. There are so many options and so much wall space to be filled.


Take us wherever you go 

Turn those beloved photos into customized accessories and always have us attached to you. My Face Socks specialize in bringing our adorable faces to life and printing them onto socks, blankets and even underwear. The perfect way to remember us during those long days where you leave us behind.


 Let us be admired

Print those photos! Hang them up and let everybody see them, including us. Don’t keep such precious gems to yourself. Printicular makes it easy to print different sized prints and has same day delivery and pick up, which means there really is no excuse to start sharing our photos everywhere.


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