DIY Mason Jar Gifts

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Whoever said great things come in small packages probably received an awesome Mason jar gift. Whether you love your DIY, have a low budget, or just don’t really know the person you’re gifting to, our Mason jar gift ideas are perfect for everyone. Handmade with love and packed with plenty of personal touches, you’re bound to make your gift recipient’s day and conquer your next holiday. 


Reasons I Love You Jar 

Perfect for when you’re stuck on what to gift your significant other, this easy but meaningful gift is definitely a winner. Simply fill up your Mason jar with reasons why you love them written on small pieces of folded paper. Cater to Valentine’s Day by using red or pink paper or celebrate a birthday or anniversary by sprinkling in some confetti and glitter as well. And for an extra personal touch, print out your favorite photo together and stick it inside the jar, facing out.  


Candy Jar 

Nobody’s ever too old to receive a jar filled with candy as a gift. Make yours holiday themed with Hershey Kisses or chocolate hearts for Valentine’s Day, mint chocolate or mini candy canes for Christmas, and chocolate eggs for Easter. Or, if you know your recipient really well, fill the jar with their favorite sweets to give them an extra sugar boost. 


Date Ideas Jar 

One for all the indecisive couples who dread date night. Plan in advance by writing different date ideas down on little slips of paper and when date night rolls around, simply pick an idea out of the jar without looking. This will add a level of excitement to your date nights without the stress of deciding. For the extra crafty types, print out photos of each date idea instead and fold them into the jar.  


Baking Jar 

The food lovers in your life will love this one. Layer ingredients for any basic baking recipe into the jar and write or print out cooking instructions and place on the side of the jar. Recipes can include hot chocolate, cake, brownie, pancake or cookie mix. Be sure to get creative with this one.  


Beauty Jar 

Treat your best friend by giving her a Mason jar of survival beauty items such as makeup wipes, cleansing pads, cotton buds, tweezers and blotting paper. Or if you have a bigger budget, pack the jar with some of her favorite makeup products for when she’s on the go. You can also try making your own body scrub or bath salts for a more personalized gift.  


Memory Jar 

Create a time capsule of one of your favorite days by making a memory jar. Collect keepsakes from the day such as tickets, flowers, coins and photos and keep them safe in your customized Mason jar. A perfect gift for the perfect person or simply keep for yourself! 


Survival Jar 

Turn your Mason jar into a survival kit for every situation and give a practical and creative gift that keeps on giving. For the fashionista, an emergency kit filled with sewing supplies and fashion tape to save the day or for the new mum, some wet wipes, hand sanitizer, Advil and an emergency stash of chocolate. Print out your favorite inspiring quotes and place in each jar to ensure your recipient makes it through the day. 




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