Why we Love an Instagram Wall Collage


There are so many awesome ways to display your Instagram prints in your home and today we are going to share with you an easy way to show-off your favourite Instagram photos!


A wall collage made with Instagram pictures is simple and easy to do, especially with the 4×4 prints and even the 8×8 making for a very crafty display. All you need is an empty space on a chosen wall, some strong double-sided tape and of course your favourite Instagram prints that you want displayed.


Below are examples of cool, easy to do collages that our Printicular users, just like you have created.  They have stuck to a simple, yet effective square design and don’t they look great!!


By sdupreebemis

By ruby1508

By rrebeccaann


How you display your Instagram wall collage is completely up to you, you do not need to be restricted to a square shape, try making whatever shape that will suit your space best. In fact, we have  a Printicular follower who cleverly made a heart shape collage with their Instagram Prints:


By Jackiebeth


A few good tips to get started is to firstly measure your space ahead of time; this just lets you know exactly how many Instagram photos you need to print and exactly where your wall collage will go. The last thing you need when putting you wall collage together is to realize all your photos won’t fit or even more frustrating, you run out of photos. And secondly, use masking-tape to evenly separate the gaps between your Instagram photos, after all your hard work you will be annoyed to then notice your collage is crooked on the wall.


We want you to love Instagram wall collages as much as we do. We hope this helps with some inspiration for you to create your own Instagram wall. Hopefully now you have spotted an empty wall somewhere in your house and realized an Instagram wall collage will be the perfect space filler.

If you are wanting more inspiration for crafting your own Instagram Wall Collage, go to instagram.com/printicular or type in #printicular and you will see more creative Instagram walls!

Get the most out of your photos today!