Why we Love a Memory Box

If you have every intention of making a scrapbook, but you just never seem to get round to the sorting, designing and gluing, why not try a memory box instead. The beauty of a memory box is that it can hold not only your Instagram photos, but any mementos that bring any significance to you and reminds you of special memories.

Memory boxes take little time to prepare, and an awesome idea that you can do is make a memory box for each of your children, each vacation or important occasions etc. We love this idea as it gives organisation to your memory boxes and in later years your children will love a memory box filled with reminders of their childhood.

We realize that some people have thousands of Instagram photos and there is no way you can display them all in your home. This is why a memory box is perfect; you still get the joy of printing your Instagram photos and they still get put to good use.

Also don’t think that a Memory box is just extra clutter around your home; they can be a fun and decorative item for a shelf. You can cover your memory box in photos or simply paint it and label the side as to whose box it is, e.g. JONNY, OUR WEDDING, SPAIN.

We really think this is something worthwhile as when you look inside a memory box you can remember all the beautiful and funny things that have happened to you.