Why Photos Are Best Enjoyed Printed

When was the last time you printed your photos? Chances are you have an impressive collection of digital photos that are spread all over the place in forgotten file folders, numerous social media pages, flash drives and CDs.  It’s not surprising that many of our great memories get buried behind the constantly growing library of digital images but our printed photo collection has not been recently updated.

It’s true that thanks to the amazing technology available it’s so easy for us to take all the photos we want. We can easily delete the pics we don’t like, edit them and then upload our creations on social media for the world to see. But isn’t it wonderful to actually hold your photos and revisit the memories with your loved ones? Here at Printicular we think that enjoying printed photos gives you a special kind of experience that lets you revisit the great moments of your life and share them with your loved ones.

If that’s not enough to motivate you to start printing your pics, think about the creative potential that printed photos offer. You can simply organise them in albums or frame them and put them on the wall, or you can create beautiful scrapbooks that document the precious moments of your life. You can easily decorate your house with collages made of your favourite prints or even get your digital masterpieces printed on canvas. The sky’s the limit.

And don’t forget – printed photos are the best backup plan. Technology, despite its obvious advantages, is fallible. So there’s always a risk to lose your photos. But having them printed will help you to keep your memories forever.



Image by Bree Walk