Tips And Tricks to Turn You Into a Better Instagrammer

A few weeks ago we gave you 5 tips for making your Instagram pictures awesome. Today we want to extend on that and give you more tips and tricks that will turn you into a better Instagrammer!


These tips are simple to execute and will give your Instagram photography a more professional look.


Focus the subject in your photo

Your smartphone camera has a relatively wide depth of field, which means nearly everything in the scene is always in focus. This is normally a good thing, but if you are after just your main subject being in focus, you can achieve this by simply getting up-close to your main subject. This will create a slightly blurred background and enhance your main subject.


Wait for a moment to happen

We do not expect you to devote an entire day to waiting for a moment to happen. Here we are meaning when you find an interesting scene, why not wait for everything to perfectly align (this may be a passerby or the sun to sink a little lower). Sometimes this moment may not come, but other times your photo will be worth the wait.


Keep your Instagram photos free of clutter

If you have a strong subject you want it to be the star of the show. Use the grid feature on your phone to ensure your horizon is lined up straight.


Remember Instagram’s Square Format

It is important to take into consideration Instagram’s crop factor. It will be very unfortunate for you to take a wonderful photo only to find yourself unable to work with the Instagram 1×1 crop


These simple tips can give you much more interesting Instagram photos no matter how much experience you have!