Instagram Prints in 8×8 Format

Your Instagram prints can now be double the size!! 

Printicular offer an awesome 8×8 format for all Instagram pictures. Instagram photos enlarged to the 8×8 format will make for a visually captivating display, simply because the larger square design isn’t your typical photo format.


We love that these photos are perfect for scrapbooking and even interior home design!

Scrapbook pages with your favourite Instagram photos in 8×8 format will no doubt stand out from the rest. We are telling you; it will make for a visually enhancing scrapbook page.

The 8×8 square formats simply create a bold statement wherever displayed. So imagine how that empty space on your wall at home will look with a framed 8×8 print – it may just be the statement your wall needed.

We want you to get the most out of printing Instagram photos and some photos just deserve to be bigger!  Printing your favourite Instagram pictures in the 8×8 format will certainly compliment them and leave you wondering why you never got bigger prints before!