Instagram Photo Phone Cover

Why not personalise your phone with your beautiful Instagram prints?  True, there are loads of gorgeous phone covers available in stores nowadays, but creating  a cover design of your own allows you to show off your photos and make a unique stylish statement.

phone cover

We discovered a great tutorial for making a pretty Instagram mosaic phone cover.  To make it, you just need a clear phone case and some basic Photoshop skills.

1. To create a beautiful mosaic design, you will need to know the measurements of your phone cover. When you find them out create a Photoshop template  of the same size as the cover.

2.  Choose your favourite Instagram photos and arrange them within the template. You can choose how many photos you’d like to have on your cover and play around with their sizes. You can create a new layer for each photo but make sure they fit well within the template.

phone cover design

3. When you’re done, you can copy the bottom template and paste it as a new layer at top. It will create a guideline when you’re cutting out your lovely design. You can also make the bottom template black in order to create a unifying background for your pics.

4. Finally, print your design, cut it out and insert it into a clear phone cover.  Nice and easy.


For a more detailed step-by-step guide on how to create a phone cover design you can refer to the original tutorial.