Instagram iPad Cover

Here at Printicular we are always on a lookout for new ideas for displaying your beautiful photos. This week’s gem is a lovely Instagram iPad cover by Lil Blue Boo. It’s a great way to personalise your iPad cover and take your cherished memories everywhere you go. Not to mention that it’s so easy to make!


instaipad cover

Photo by Lilblueboo

To create an Instagram iPad cover you will need a blank ‘transfer-ready’ iPad case and transfer paper that you can get at your local crafts store. Then it’s time to choose the photos you want to display on your cover. You can select just a couple of pics or create a cool mosaic. You can resize and arrange your chosen photos in Photoshop or even Powerpoint. When you’re happy with the design, just print it onto the transfer paper.


   Photo by Lilblueboo

Then lay out the blank iPad case onto the ironing board and place the transfer paper with photos face down. Using a hot iron press into the paper until the images are transferred to the cover.

Iron Photo by Lilblueboo

When transferring is done, just pull the paper back and enjoy your creation!