Instagram Hexagon Frame

The square shape of Instagram photos is seen as almost iconic nowadays. But this doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to this shape when creating exciting displays for your Instagram photos. This week we discovered this brilliant DIY hexagon frame that can really give your pics a fresh original look.

DIY Instagram Hexagon Frame Photo by Oleander + Palm

To make this frame you first need to choose the photos you would like to display and print them in the desired size. Then using a piece of scrapbooking card stock you can cut your hexagon mat board. To make it look more professional you can use a Cricut Machine and Cricut Craft Room to create the template for size and arrangement of the hexagons. However, it can also be easily done with a hexagon template and an x-facto knife.

Then using a hexagon template cut out your images. Just hold the template over the photo and cut around the shape leaving a 1/4 edge around to create enough space to attach the images to the mat. When your pics are ready just simply attach them to the back of the mat, using a bit of tape, so they stay in the right place.

instagram hexagon 1

 Photo by Oleander + Palm

Finally frame your creation in a box frame and enjoy your beautiful photo display!

Instagram Hexagon Frame 2

Photo by Oleander + Palm