Instagram Gift Cards

Holiday season might be months away but DIY gift cards are such a great way to share your beautiful Instagram photos with your friends and family that you don’t need to wait for ages to have an excuse to make them. Also, personalised cards are definitely much more exciting than the commercial ones as they are really unique and personal.



 Photo by Rachael

Creating gift cards is really rewarding and easy. The most important part would be to choose the Instagram photos you would like to use. That’s usually the hardest part. When you choose the pics you can print them in a desirable size on paper or canvas.

Then, using cardstock cut out the backing for the card as well as an insert for writing using copy paper. If your photos are printed on canvas you can sew them along the top of the cards using your thread and needle or your sewing machine. If you are using paper photo prints then they can be glued onto bits of cardstock that can be used as the front of the cards.

And… that’s it! Now you can sign your cards and send them off to your loved ones (or even keep them as decorations!). You can check out this tutorial for a more detailed step-by-step description of the process.

Enjoy making instacards!