How to Make a DIY Printicular Photo Banner

Today we have  guest blogger Caitlin from Slightly overrated with a hint of lime to explain how she created her DIY Printicular Photo Banner.

DSCN8597 (1)


My obsession for photography and all things “old” has gone back as long as I remember.  I’m not the greatest photographer myself, but I love looking at photos, whether they’re taken by a professional or snapped quickly to capture a fleeting moment.

We bought a house last October, and as we were packing up our things to move I came across a large envelope marked “Frost.”  It was my husband’s from years ago, so naturally I opened it and looked through the contents.  I found a stack of papers that charted the Frost family back to the 15th century.  There were lists of people, their spouses and children, where they lived, and what they did for a living.  I also found another envelope with old family photos, not quite as old–these dated back to the 20s–with names of people I had never met or heard of.  Most of the photos were simple:  an old man standing in front of a house, a couple standing in front of their new car.

Not long after we moved into our house, my grandmother sent me some old black and whites of her as a child with her mother and her as a new mom to my father.  None of these photos are going to win the Best Photo of the Year award, but I knew I had to do something with all these lost family members.  I scanned the old Frost photos into the printer and printed them in black and white on glossy photo paper–to preserve the originals–and cut them down to size.  I used burlap string that I nailed into the wall over my chalkboard wall (don’t judge, it’s still a work in progress) and hung the photos with clothespins.

When I heard about the Printicular app, I immediately printed off photos from my Instagram.  When I picked them up from Walgreen’s I realized that I had black and whites of me and my husband roughly the same size of these old family photos hanging on my wall.  So I attached them to the banner with the rest.

I absolutely love the mix of black and white colors as well as the fact that my family is merged with my husband’s.  Not only are both of our ancestors displayed, our own faces can be seen in the mix as well.

It was also a DIY that took all of 20 mins (although it did span over a few months), if you don’t count the actual time it took to have the photos printed from Printicular.  And anything that I can put together in such a short amount a time is a win in my book.