Elegant Instagram Wall Collages

Displaying your Instagram prints as a wall collage will always create an incredible bold impact! Nothing says home more than a photo display of loved ones, happy memories and cherished moments, so enhance your homes character and personal flair with your own Instagram wall collage.

We have already said how much we love Wall collages; they are fun, interesting and a total reflection of your interests and likes. But, instead of simply putting photos up on the wall, why not go that extra mile. Get your Instagram prints framed and create a sophisticated display.

It is important that before you go hammering nails into your wall, that you plan how you will set up your collage. Firstly you need to select your frames. Regardless of their styles, shapes and colors your frames should have some commonality. The more similar base items are (e.g. having all black and white Instagram prints), the more variation you can introduce with the frames.

Once you have your frames chosen and your layout sorted, test it on the wall. Stick paper cut outs (the same size as your frames) on your wall. Adjust them around until you have it perfect. Now your ready to hang your frames.


We have gathered some awesome  displays for an elegant wall collage that will turn your wall into your personal gallery.







We hope you are inspired to turn your Instagram prints into a sophisticated wall collage display!