DIY Driftwood Instagram Photo Display

The craftier a display is, the more we love it here at Printicular. Of course we love all displays that bring attention to your Instagram prints, because after all, that is the main point isn’t it? To show them off!!


We recently read Erlend’s blog where he explained how to do a DIY Driftwood Photo Display. After reading his blog we fell in love with this idea and thought it was another awesome crafty display for Instagram photos.




What we loved most about this idea is how stylish and elegant it looks, but how simple it is to create. The idea to include a quote alongside your photos is also a nice touch and adds meaning to your Instagram photos (you are sure to have Instagram photos that you can easily match up to a quote).


Next time you’re at the beach, collect that driftwood and then jump along to Erlend’s blog to learn how to put together this craft!