D.I.Y. Instacalendar

Instagram photo prints offer loads of creative ways to display and cherish your memories and an Instagram calendar is definitely one of them. Although we’re almost half way through the year it’s never late to create a cute calendar with  your favourite photos. An Instacalendar could also be a unique beautiful gift for a loved one.



Photo by A Beautiful Mess

To create this calendar you will need 12 photo prints, calendar pages (you can either purchase a mini calendar or make the pages yourself), plain poster board, glue, scissors, yarn and decorative paper for the cover (or anything else you feel like using).


Photo by A Beautiful Mess

After you chose the photos you want to use for the calendar and printed them in preferred size, you can trim the calendar pages and cut out 13 square pieces of poster board large enough to fit the images with a slight border. Then glue the images and calendar pages onto the pieces of poster board.  Use a hole-punch to add holes to the top portion of the calendar and make sure they match up with each other. Next step is to decorate the cover. You can make it simple and decorate it with some decorative paper (above) or add more photos (how about a photo collage?) or glitter or practically anything else you like. Finally, thread yarn through all the holes to put the calendar together, tie knots in the yarn and trim off any excess.

That’s it, the beautiful Instacalendar is ready! Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for this idea.