Cute Polaroid Magnets

Here at Printicular we discovered cure tiny Polaroid magnets that can add some charm to your home. They are also quite easy to make.

Polaroid Magnets

Photo by Ambrosia Girl

To make those magnets you will need cardboard or 2-3 sheets of cardstock for the backing of the magnets, craft knife, a ruler or a metal straight edge, clear packing tape, spray mount,  1 wide adhesive-backed magnet tape, Photoshop (or any other photo editing software), photo paper and printer.

First, choose the photos you like and the dimensions of your future magnets. Then, using Photoshop, create a Polaroid frame layer and then place you photos on another layer on top.  When you’re finished with photo arrangement just print them onto photo paper.

Spray the cardboard and the back of your sheet of photos with spray mount. Give it a minute to dry before placing the photos on the cardstock. You can laminate the photos by laying down bits of clear packing tape on top of Polaroids.

 Pplaroid Magnets Trimming

Photo by Ambrosia Girl

Using craft knife trim your photos. Use the ruler/metal straight edge as a guide. Then cut out magnet pieces from the magnet roll. Make sure that each piece is of the same length as your Polaroids. Attach magnets to the back of each Polaroid.


Photo by Ambrosia Girl

Finally, let magnets flatten beneath a pile of books overnight and your Polaroid magnets are ready to be displayed!