Create Your Own Instagram Journal



Photo by A Beautiful Mess

Keeping a personal journal allows you to capture creative ideas, inspiration and beautiful moments of your life. It can also be a fantastic way to display your Instagram photos. We discovered an easy D.I.Y by A Beautiful Mess for creating an exciting Instagram cover for your journal.

instajournal stepbystep

Photo by A Beautiful Mess

First and foremost, to create an Instacover you will need to know the exact measurements of the front of your journal and then add 1/2 an inch to the length and width. Then create a Photoshop document of that size and paste your favourite Instagram photos of different sizes to create a pretty collage. When you’re done choosing and arranging photos, print the document. Repeat the process to create the back cover.

Then, use scrapbooking adhesive all around the cover of your journal making sure you get very close to the edge. Adhere your photo to the cover, pressing down on all edges. Open the cover and cut away the excess using inside cover as a guide so that the photo matches the cover exactly. Repeat for the back cover.

You can use decorative tape to create binding all the way down the spine using 2 inch bits of tape. You can also decorate the cover with cool stickers. And that’s it – enjoy your pretty journal!