Create Coasters With Your Instagram Prints

We have been doing a lot of researching lately to bring you the coolest Instagram crafts. Printing Instagram photos is a fun experience and seeing the projects that our users create with their own Instagram prints is what we love!


The latest DIY craft we spotted and loved is Instagram Coasters!! These could make amazing gifts or you might even want them for yourself; whatever you decide we definitely think you should give this craft a try!


Along with wall collages, canvas prints and scrapbooking; Instagram Coasters is another great way to show off your Instagram photos and it’s so simple:

1. Select your 4×4 printed instagram photos

2. Choose a coaster platform (this could be tiles or cork)

3. Glue your pictures on and spread mod podge on top of your photos

4. When the mod podge is dry, apply a clear acrylic sealer to assure that your photos will be safe from water and heat

5. Cut squares of felt the same size as the coaster platform and stick them to the bottom of the coaster, or stick felt circles. This just prevents your coasters from scratching your table surface.

All done, it really is that easy!





Next time you have a spare afternoon, why not give this DIY a go! Get the most out of your favorite memories!

Check out Jill at Real Life Notes or Alison at Oopsey Daisey, who explain  2 different ways on how to create these awesome coasters!