Create a Gigantic Instagram Collage

If you want to display your Instagram photos in your home without using a billion different frames and every wall in your house, then take a look at this awesome idea! No one said that photography has to be formally displayed in your home and here at Printicular we think the more free-and-easy a display is the better.


The best and truest moments are captured with our smartphones, we often don’t go running off to grab our ‘real camera’ when with a simple click of a button you can have the photo taken and saved to your phone. Adding to the awesomeness of phone cameras is Instagram – the addiction of cute edits and uploading to your wall is hard to resist. Then further more there’s us – Printicular who will print your Instagram’s and let you display these fabulous photos in real life!!


If your an Instagram addict, you will come across the issue of having a tonne of photos and not a big enough display… but this Instagram collage is big, easy, classic and super simple to create!




All you need is a large frame, cardboard the same size as your frame, glue (or double sided tape), your Instagram prints and your ready to go.


The first step is to mark your boarder on the cardboard. Measure in and draw lines vertically and horizontally, making sure they are straight (It is important to measure here to make sure your 4×4 Instagram prints will fit in a row). Having a boarder gives the illusion of a mat and keeps the frame from becoming too busy.


Now you can start placing your photos down, rearrange them around to make sure you like the order before you stick them on. Once you have stuck them on put your Instagram collage in the frame and hang wherever you please.


And there you have it, a great, personalized and gigantic piece of artwork for your home. The best part is that it is easy to switch out when you feel like your Instagram photos need an upgrade.