A Wall Collage of Colorful Square Frames

We got inspiration for today’s blog from Sherry and John at Young House Love. They created these cute colorful frames for square note cards and that’s when Inspiration hit us; this display would be perfect for Instagram photos. This display is simple, yet effective and if you love color and simplicity in your home then this display is for you. We are telling you, a square-on-square display looks amazing.


For this display you will need 6 or 8 (depending on your space size) plain white square frames that have a thick boarder. You will be creating a wall collage display in a grid form; either 6 frames (2x rows of 3) or 8 frames (2x rows of 4).




You also need to choose the scrapbook paper colours that will be your background mat. It is best to select colours that compliment your space and your existing colour theme – don’t be scared to do a couple of frames in the same color.




When you have your background colours sorted, add your Instagram prints into the middle of the square frame. To enhance your display even more, try matching your Instagram prints with the background color that will suit it best (but this isn’t essential). Once you have your Instagram photos in your frame you are ready to hang your colorful Instagram frames and enjoy your new display!!



Check out Young House Love for detailed step by step instructions to create this awesome display in your home.