A Fun And Crafty Way to Use an Old Frame

Somewhere around the house you are bound to have an old frame that you don’t use and just haven’t got round to throwing out?

Well today we want to share with you a fun and crafty display that will put that frame to good use and yes it involves your Instagram prints!

Have you ever thought about displaying your 4×4 or 8×8 Instagram prints in an old frame? We are telling you this display looks awesome and what’s even better, it’s so simple!


You Need:

A  frame (remove backing and glass), your chosen Instagram prints, tiny clothespins, some sort of hanging wire (twine, fishing wire, picture hanging wire) and duct tape or a staple gun.


3 easy steps:

  1. The easiest way to go about this is to lay your frame down on a counter and arrange how you want the Instagram pictures inside them. You don’t have to do any measuring, you decide where the photos go and adjust where needed.
  2. Once you have determined how you want the photos, duct tape or staple your chosen hanging wire to the frame. (Be careful what tape you use to connect the wire to the frame because if it is not strong enough your display will sag after a few days).
  3. Clip your Instagram photos on with your tiny clothespins and your done!! Now decide where you are going to hang this masterpiece.




We here at Printicular love this display and think it’s a creative way to display your favorite Instagram prints! So get hunting for that old frame and create this fabulous display!