5 Tips For Making Your Instagram Pictures Awesome

Looking at all the displays that can be created using Instagram prints, it got us here at Printicular thinking. People only want to display photos that they think are totally awesome and want to show off, right? Instagram has the ability to make all your photos look like works of art, so to make your life a little more easy we have brought to you 5 tips for getting your Instagram pictures worthy of a display!


Tip 1: Use your favorite camera app

Instagram is generous enough that it allows you to take your photo in whatever camera app suits you best (you can then import your photo to Instagram). You then have a clean photo to work with, as opposed to the smaller lens that is in the Instagram Camera.

Tip 2: Utilize natural light

Preferably use natural lighting and if possible avoid flash (unless you’re in a situation where there is no light). There is nothing worse than a harsh flash ruining nice natural lighting. The flash on a Smartphone will point directly at your subject, creating harsh shadows. In good lighting situations your photos will look much better!

Tip 3: Use Unique Angles

Why not show the viewer your subject in a new way? This is easily done by experimenting with the angle you’re snapping at. For example why not try taking pictures from above, below or off to the side of your subject, this will provide a unique viewpoint making it fresh and unexpected.

Tip 4: Apply filters and photo editing apps

Don’t be scared to give your photo that unique edit. Whether it’s a frame, cropping tool or a filter – they are all great tools to implement. Photo editing apps can enhance your picture to make it more interesting and fun.

Tip 5: Take photos of things you love

When you look at your Instagram photos you should be smiling, because after all they should be a collection of things you love. Have fun with what you snap and enjoy life’s precious moments.


We hope these have given you that inspiration to kick your Instagram photos up a notch!