3 Tips to Frame Instagram Photos

Today we have brought to you a few tips to make framing and displaying your favorite Instagram prints easier and more successful!


Framing your photos is the starting process to creating your wall collage or any hanging display. The following three tips should help jump start your knowledge on choosing the perfect frame:


1. Match your photo with the frame

Picture frames can be made out of timber, metal, glass and acrylic; each of these materials can enhance the visual effect of your Instagram photos when you are able to select the one that matches the picture.


2. Aim to balance your Interior decoration with the picture frame

The last thing you want is to have mismatched pieces inside your home. This is not appealing to the eye. You need to take into consideration the design and material of the photo frames you will be using with the style of your home.


3. Pick the right size frame

Remember you want to draw attention to your cherished Instagram photos so choose a frame that will best do this


 We hope these three simple tips will help you when you next decide to frame your Instagram prints!