3 Reasons to Scrapbook Your Instagram Prints

Thanks to Instagram, we now all enjoy the fun and creative way of documenting our lives through a series of pictures. But Instagram photos aren’t just for sharing online anymore. Here at Printicular we believe that all your favourite Instagram photos are worthy of a scrapbook display. Here’s why;


1.Preserving memories

If you love your photos that are displayed on your Instagram wall, then you should want to preserve them the best way you can. All of us should take pride in our work and showcase this (and yes, this means more than just hastily buying the first album you see and putting your Instagram prints in it). It is important to know the value of the scrapbooks you create; firstly, they show that you put your time and effort into displaying something that is special to you and secondly, a scrapbook will tell your story when you’re not always there to tell it.

2.Your style

Just like the design of your home, your scrapbook will reflect your unique style. The style of your scrapbook will make your Instagram photos more fun to look at than just skimming through a plain album. You invest time and money into the memories you create, so why stop there and give your final Instagram prints a less than perfect display? The neat square format of the Instagram photos will also make your scrapbook pages more visually appealing.

3.The perfect backup

A scrapbook will provide the perfect backup to technology. With your Instagram photos displayed in a Scrapbook, it provides a crafty backup for all of your favourite photos.


Remember that Printicular has made printing your Instagram photos hassle free, so there is no reason why you cannot start scrapbooking today!!


For Inspiration on how to scrapbook your Instagram prints, check out this site: