3 Great Ways to Display your Instagram Photos

Here at Printicular we believe that your photo masterpieces are best enjoyed printed and that’s why we’re always on the lookout for new creative ways of using your beautiful photo prints to cherish your precious memories and personalise the space around you.

This week we stumbled upon 3 great ideas for Instagram displays.


Canvas display

Photo by Christopher Knight  


This stunning canvas print display is an eye-catching element of decor that adds some bold individuality to the minimalistic setting.  Such a display can be easily made with canvas printing option on Printicular. You just need to choose your favourite pics.


Empty frame display

 Photo by Goodwillionaire

To create this easy display you need an empty photo frame, some lovely photo prints, clotheslines and mini clothes pins. Attach the clotheslines on the backside of the frame and then, using mini clothes pins put your prints on the clotheslines. A more detailed instruction on how to create this display can be found here.


lamp display

A display doesn’t have to be placed on a wall. Other elements of your home can serve well too. This lampshade, for instance, looks lovely with all those family pics. Some advice on how to personalise your lampshade can be found here.


Meanwhile keep creating and set your photos free!