10 Things to do this Fall

Fall is Here!

10 Things You’ve Just Got to Do

Fall is upon us, and with the ecstatic mix of cool wind and warmth of golden sunrays, there’s no better season to get out there and just… do stuff! Be it with friends, with family, or on your own, here are 10 things you could add to your agenda fall!

1) Take your Christmas card picture(s)
Feeling festive? Why not take some pictures for your Christmas card! With a vibrant mix of natural palettes and lovely weather, there’s no better time to snap some festive photos of you and/or your loved ones.

2) B&B
Start off your day with a simple, hearty breakfast-in-bed! With later sunrises and windy mornings, what better excuse – ahem, I mean, reason – is there to laze around a bit?

3) Fly a kite
Looking for some casual fun for everyone? The cool, crisp, and windy weather brings the perfect opportunity. Take to the skies with wing and string!

4) Go on a road trip
Get away from the hustle and bustle of your city and take a good, long, scenic drive out somewhere – anywhere! Visit the countryside, the beach, the forest, or – er – the hustle and bustle of another city. Doesn’t matter – grab those keys and take your loved ones somewhere new!

5) Rake and jump
We’ve all done this when we were kids. Someone’s raked up a pile of fallen leaves and you just had to jump into it. Why not indulge your kids (or indeed your inner kid) and rake up some leaves in the yard and piledrive into it?

6) Hit up your favorite park
Pack in the bikes, kids, wife, hampers, picnic blankets, and a chest full of quick-fix foods, and take it to your favorite park! Linger around and watch the colors change while the kids play. 

7) Indoor camping
While this activity doesn’t actually take you outside, it’s still something fun for your kids and the kid in you. Pick a room, set up some tarps for tents, sleeping bags for bedding, and a stove for the campfire, and get roasting!

8) Bake chocolate chip cookies
Choc-chip cookies. Enough said.

9) Create a ghoulish guardian
With Halloween around the corner, try your hand and conjuring up your own creepy creation to stand watch over your yard. Bring the friends and/or family together and make your very own monster scarecrow.

10) Make Thanksgiving cards
Feeling crafty? With Thanksgiving coming up later in the season, mix in your creative juices with some festivity and make your best Thanksgiving card(s) ever! Check out our favorite scrapbookers of 2014 if you need inspiration.